New Century Chinese Glasnevin Dublin 9

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Menu New Century Chinese Glasnevin Dublin 9

We have several tasty dishes in our restaurant type. Our signature dishes include delicious dishes like House Special Chop Suey and House Special with Black Bean. These delicacies are greatly prepared and have a crispy memorable taste. We also have many rice dishes on our menu. The Thai Fried Rice Dishes are particularly a great choice for anyone looking to get a glimpse of Thai culinary excellence. The various dishes on the menu incorporate different ingredients and portions that make them a special treat for any occasion. Our Szechuan Dishes include tasty items like Char Siu with Szechuan which is amazing in both taste and look. We have many sauces on the menu as well for sauce lovers. Common options like BBQ are available and exotic ones like Chop Suey sauce can also be found on the menu. We have a Ginger & Scallion menu that we believe will excite and entice any food lover. With meals like Char Siu Ginger & Scallions being offered, this is a menu you cannot afford to skip. Our restaurant type is all about variety and quality. Customers can find drinks, desserts, kids’ meals, seafood dishes and so much more. We welcome everyone to explore the menu in full.

About New Century Chinese Glasnevin Dublin 9

New Century Chinese offers the best Chinese takeaway and quality services in town. Our restaurant is without a doubt the undeniable choice for anyone interested in quality tasty food. We have perfected our services and customers are always in for a quality time within our premises. Our restaurant aims to promote quality hospitality services through the provision of great food. We have mastered the art of food preparation and presentation. All items on our menu are thus an embodiment of the finest dishes on the market. Whether you are craving for a quick snack or a full plate, you can always find an option at New Century Chinese. Our service provision is also like no other. We aim to impress our customers by not just giving them memorable dishes, but by also leaving an impact through our services. We always keep a personal touch and our aim is to ensure that every customer is satisfied with our service provision. All our guests can be assured of positive interactions with our friendly team. Our restaurant is the best place to enjoy dishes with those you care about. Be sure to bring along family and friends and you can be assured of a quality shared experience.


Restaurant location New Century Chinese Glasnevin Dublin 9

We are located in 6 Prospect Road Hart Corner, Dublin 9. Customers can reach us via road as we are accessible through various streets in the city. Our restaurant offers the best Chinese takeaway at all times and we are the ultimate destination in the city. We have restaurant apps on both the App Store and Google Play which customers can use to make orders online. Our fast and efficient food delivery service is also always reliable for anyone who might need to have their food delivered. Make your order today and enjoy the best hospitality services in town.

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